I think my Super Smash Bros. 3DS gamecard got f*ckd up.

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    Feb 2, 2011
    Hello there, people, it's been a while that I don't visit this forums, and here I am again to ask for assistance (sorry for that).
    I have a 3DS XL and was planning to play Super Smash Bros 3DS. I had a long time ago deleted all the save data on the gamecard and formatted my SD card (with Panasonic formatter), and factory reseted the 3DS because I wanted to start everything again from scratch, like it was the first time. I downloaded the update for the game (1.1.6) and proceeded to start it. I was prompted to that usual first time settings, like creating extra data on the SD card, etc. OK, so I let the game idle on the "play any button to start" screen because I wanted to see that video tutorial, and that's where the problems started. During that video, the screen turned black with a message of "a error has ocurred", and I needed to do a forced power off with the game still open. Turned system on and started the game while holding A+B+X+Y to delete all data and start from scratch again, and from that onward, whenever I start the game it stays with both screens black, making me do a forced power off. This happens even when trying without the update. What's the deal here? Thanks in advance.
    Edit: My system isn't modded and is the latest version.
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