I think I'll give up trying to make the 5.5.0 work on my WiiU for a while.

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    May 3, 2016
    I'm not sure if it's a mixture of the SD cards I have (which, granted, ARE pretty old), or the exploits and homebrew still being slightly "undercooked", or possibly both, but I can't get anything to work properly at the moment.

    First I got the hbl and loadiine working, but none of the backups I made would work because I kept getting a black screen saying that there was something wrong with the memory (or something similar), so I chalked it up to possibly an issue with the way things were set up, so I changed that, then the mSD card I was using refused to delete one of the folders so I decided it wasn't working because of SD card issues, so I changed the SD card I was using, now I'm doing everything again but with a proper sd card instead of a micro and now I'm getting an "SD card mount failed" message... Before I got that I used a HTML version of the hbl and got a white screen hang... So I don't know what's going on, but I think I'll wait on playing around with this hack until either the custom firmware is released (which I hope will make everything a hell of a lot easier to run) or 90% of people are confirming everything works with the kexploit.

    That being said, thank you to the hackers who have made this possible, I've been waiting since release date of the wiiu for a proper hack and this one is pretty great in comparison to the 3ds scene!


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    Nice blogpost.
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