I Think I need to just start this whole thing over again. Little help?

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    So bought a wii for 30 bucks on the letgo app for the purpose of setting up a retro console emulator. I've experimented with some others but thought I would try the Wii because eventually I would like to have a console in the living room that would be super easy and intuitive for anybody to sit down and start playing. I've seen youtube videos of people's Wii's where they have everything all laid out nicely on the home menu (I'm unclear on if its possible to have icons for individual games or if you can only have them for the emulators).

    The first time I used letterbomb and I think somewhere along the way I deleted some crucial stuff off the SD card and now I just want to start over. I deleted homebrew but when I try to do letterbomb now I can not get the message... I've tried going backwards and forwards in the mail a ton and it does not appear. Was it a one shot deal? Do I need to reset something on the wii? Change the IP address?

    The other thing I kept getting confused on is which files should/can be on the SD card vs the USB storage? Can anything get saved on to the Wii itself? I never actually had a Wii before so I'm pretty unfamiliar with the normal operation of the Wii in general, but I assume when you could buy games in the Wii store (shop channel or whatever) it would download and get stored on the HDD. Can I not do that with roms/ ISO's?

    Also, I was wondering if someone could enlighten me on options for controllers. I have a Wiimote and classic controller and thats cool... I know you can use gamecube controllers and there are probably various adapters for the ports on the Wii(?). I know the NES and SNES mini classic controllers have the same sort of plug as the Wii classic controller but can anyone say if it works well with Wii or does it require additional tweaking? I actually asked someone at gamestop if it would work and she said "Oh, god no" lol, but I don't really trust them. Anyway to use USB or bluetooth controllers?

    Most the tutorials out there involve using a PC rather then a Mac so this time around I dug out the old laptop so I think that should help. So much of the tutorials out there are outdated or just unclear (I love when I, a 31 year old man, struggle to take instructions from a prepubescent boy) so I would really appreciate talking to some real people who can speak from experience.

    I did have NES, SNES, Master System and Sega Genesis emulators all running really nice. I tried N64 briefly and it was pretty bad. Maybe thats just the way it is? I also briefly attempted GameCube and Wii but didn't get very far. The thing I don't get is do you need an emulator for Wii and GC files? They should run natively as long as you can upload on the system I would think?

    Thanks in advance for the help! :)
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