I think I may have discovered a new type of brick

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    I had already installed A9LH on several other 3DS systems and was pretty good at it. About a week ago the website changed from using Hourglass to Godmode which was not a drastic change. When I saw the change yesterday to boot9strap I thought nothing of it believing it would pretty similar to before needing to downgrade to 2.1 not following the 3DS Guide at all. After following the usual steps downgrading to 2.1 and creating a backup NAND I then discovered the 3DS Guide had completely changed using a completely different method to install A9LH. Well I had the genius idea to use the Super Smash Bros cartridge to get change from 2.1 to a higher firmware since none of my cartridges have been used on 11.4. After googling I have found the update to be 9.2.0-17U. The firmware installed successfully(according to the 3DS)but now nothing will open in the main menu. I can't even open the System Settings to check the firmware. When I use the recovery update by holding L R UP and A the update gives an error message about 3/4 the way through. I have tried at least 20 times now to do the recovery. Is it possible to coldboot a 3DS without any CFW using an SD Card or Gateway to restore the NAND? I do own a Gateway card so hopefully I am not stuck with a brick.

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    Was the 3ds in question a "new 3ds" or "new 3ds xl"
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    looks like frankenfirmware to me (u did cart update after all....)
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    There may be a method in the future to fix your 3DS using a button combination held on startup and a special gamecart.

    You can fix your 3DS right now using a hardmod. Look at 3ds.guide for installation instructions...