I think I just killed my hard drive, HORAY!

Discussion in 'Microsoft Xbox' started by AshuraZro, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Alright. I've done a few softmods but I've never bothered to install larger hard drives before. The sister asked if I could mod her box and toss a new hard drive in. No problem. Never done it but it seems simple enough.

    Booting the good ol' hacked gamesave on her stock xbox, I used it to simply copy her C: and E: partitions and the newly backed up eeprom.bin to my computer. Tossed them in their appropriate folders for XboxHDM 1.9, made the iso and burned it. Hooked the brand new drive up to a computer as master and the dvd drive as slave. The hard drive is a 320GB Seagate barracuda drive. Booted the cd, made new Xbox hard drive and copied C:/E: stuff over. I then booted a second time to option 3 to lock the hard drive. Now to come clean. I said I backed up the eeprom.bin. I forgot the first time so I did it at this locking step and just took typed what I believe to be the key manually. It locked the drive but when I set it in the xbox and booted it, it had good ol' error 6. Couldn't unlock the drive.

    So the only things I can think of that's gone wrong is I've simply typed the wrong info for locking it. Problem is, I can't touch the hard disk in any manner right now though. My computer doesn't see it in any way, bios or xboxhdm, and the xbox wont boot with it.

    I can get the seagate drive replaced but I'm not too keen on repeating the same mistake again so I'm curious now at what I've done wrong.

    Current tools at my disposal:

    1 Unmodded Xbox with Stock HD
    1 SOFTMOD Xbox with Stock HD, running UnleashX
    1 Potentially botched 320GB Seagate HD. Was never used before this process.
    Access to an old 80GB Maxtor drive that I'm willing to risk for another go.
    DVD with XboxHDM and Unmodded Xbox's Stock HD files. This one now has the eeprom.bin included.

    No chipped xboxes in sight.

    Anyone see what I may have done wrong here? Can I recover this hard drive so I can take another crack at this process? A better outline of what I've done (but didn't follow any real guide) is here.


    It turned out I had nothing wrong and that the hard drive actually failed. I took a spare one and completed the process without changing my gameplan and everything is all good now.