i think i have a problem with all usb loaders

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by fst312, Jul 20, 2010.

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    i think it was about a week ago my usbloader gx started to give me problems. when i browse my games i get a code dump at least i believe it is and it says at the bottom reloading in 5sec.when it reloads it goes to the wii health screen.i formatted my wbfs partition and i am unable to format a new one through my wii.also although i have no game on my loader pressing the plus button from the loader brings me to the same 5sec code dump. i decided to get Cfg_USB_Loader_56 and that loader like usbloader gx is doing something stupid to me like usbloader gx did to me when i formatted it a couple of times to lower the memory it uses, i only have one choice in formatting and that is my entire 1TB hard drive when there is clearly three partitions to format from.i think the way igot my 220GB to a wbfs was getting a older version of usb loader gx.is that the only way to fix this problem.

    don't want to try any other loaders because i think i will come across the same problem and i think usb loader gx and Cfg are suppose to be the best.

    never mind i fixed my problem just by installing on game after formatting my drive for usbloader gx since it was set for my 220GB patition.
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