i think i figured out the problem for all pls rea

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by slickric33, Nov 24, 2007.

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    u guys know i have posted a few times w/ the check connections error trying to update to 1.9g. I had tried everything
    , i mean everything , with everyones final analysis (w/out opening up the wii) stating that i must have gotton a clone .
    A non updatable clone to be exact. End of story, right , just order a new wii key, perform surgery, and if i dont f it
    up all is well.

    My nephew came over for the holiday and he has a wiikey and when i went to update it, the same crap, check connections
    and would not flash 1.9g or 1.9b. It must be my media, right , wrong again .
    He got a text message from his friend and his friend said he installed his wiikey W/ THE OPTION OF NOT BEING ABLE TO
    UPDATE IT VIA DVD , ONLY VIA HIS PROGRAMMER. If this is the case it would explain why many legit wiikeys have been having the problem. It would also explain why some have sent their wiis back to orig. seller and had them fixed. My nephew's friend said he did it so he wouldnt screw up his wii w/ updates and brick it. My question is if this is being done , why have i never heard about it on aaaaaaannnnnnyyyyyyy forum posts, and why would a seller not tell me he did this unless he wanted repeat business
    to make more money. I know my nephews friend is a good guy but maybe some are not. I remember a few yrs ago people would program direct cards and it would be realized later that the cards would go down even when direct didnt send a hit down. Later found out that the programmer was putting in an exp date for the card to lock so people would keep going back , paying 25 again to update card

    What do u guys think ? why have i not heard about this non update feature from anyone on these forums

    ps i still think i have a real wiikey and it will get fixed now (can a person password protect assecibility to update card and if u dont know password u are screwed?
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    I don't even think there is a Wiikey programmer. The only option is to upgrade via DVD.

    Your post is pretty hard to understand. [​IMG]
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    I guess whoever made that chip used that wiikey dump to make it and didn't have correct fuse settings or whatnot? ;p In which case you could I guess recreate the wiikey if you upload it with a 1.9G dump (if it exists)
    In other words, you have the cheapest crappy wiikey clone ever! lol
  5. ricadoe

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    Aug 11, 2007
    slickric33, thanks for your post. I'd the same problem as yours and your explaination is quite logical. There are many people going to claim our wiikey are clone or whatever which I don't really care. Hope that you will let us know your progress (whether this problem can be solved or not). thanks a lot
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    I think you figured out the problem for very very few people. It sounds like your nephew's friend is making his own WiiKey clones and intentionally setting the fuse bits to improper values which will indeed block the upgrade from DVD. This has been posted on these forums and I even provided a link to a thread on another forum detailing how to build your own WiiKey clone, a simple SP12 programmer, and software to do the programming (thanks to WesTek again for dumping the WiiKey hex): http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=65316

    Of course the WiiKeys and WiiKey clones are flashed using programmers. How do you think the code gets on them in the first place? They are just Atmel ATMEGA8 chips that are designed to be flashed that way. The WiiKey update discs are just GameCube code that flashes the chip from it's connections inside the Wii. The majority of people will have problems because they have a bad install, have a poor burn of the update disc, or can't tell the difference between the test flash and the actual flash when running the update. Are there some dead chips out there? Sure, but I bet most were killed during installs. Are there some people purposely creating WiiKey clones that don't update via DVD? At least one according to your nephew, but I doubt there are more than a handful.

    I still would bet money that you don't even have an updatable chip in your Wii. Were you duped? Yes, but probably by someone just throwing the cheapest chip available in your Wii.

    Like I said before, I offered to fix your Wii for free and even install a WiiKey clone if you did indeed have an non upgradeable chip. I think you enjoy making your rambling posts more than updating your WiiKey.
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    He set the Wiikey to non-updateable to protect from updates brick? That's ridicolous, there aren't any fake Wiikey updates out there [​IMG]

    If you cannot update, it's because of bad soldering (personally, I don't believe this... if it's bad soldered, it shouldn't work, period. But a lot of people believes this... so, let's say so) or because it's a clone.

    So I either think he believed he was smart and put a Clone in your nephews Wii, or simply he got scammed off by buying a clone, and now it's telling lies to save his face.

    Or... as Lazycus said, he just made his own Wiikey clones, and so he needs to update them manually with a programmer.

    Remember. Official Wiikeys DON'T have a programmer.
  8. slickric33

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    i bought a new real wiikey and gave to my nephew for his friend to change. i told him that i want the other chip back
    to take pics of and post or else if it was a real wiikey for him to try to update. My ? is wouldnt the wiikey not work at all
    if all points were not soldered or is 1 solder spot just for update and lastly Lazycus of course i want my wii fixed, i have 2
    kids who are dying to try smg and a third myself. As i stated earlier i dont want to take it apart for i toasted
    an xbox the 1st time soldering 5 ya. and if i wreck the wii its not so redily available to just get another one right away.Most places in tpa fl are still out of stock. ill tell u guys what happens when he takes it apart