I suggest somebody polices Speechless.

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  1. fischju

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    Jan 11, 2008
    United States
    [00:46] so they shit in gods face
    [00:46] But you interfere all the time
    [00:46] ah, but do i
    [00:46] Yup
    [00:46] i feel just you see it this way
    [00:46] as your nick is random as fuck
    [00:46] so must be, your opinion of yourself
    [00:46] choosing some nickname that cannot be pronounced
    [00:46] means you have low self esteem pal
    [00:46] It isn't random at all, it is an anagram
    [00:46] prolly got scars all over your wrists
    [00:47] razor ones
    [00:47] speechles... you seriously need to stfu.
    [00:47] You're a social outcast.
    [00:47] grim, bite my fat cock sir
    [00:47] Go get laid.
    [00:47] it's easy to pronounce, fish-jew. and how does that = low self esteem
    [00:47] gobble the juices
    [00:47] been laid, in fact, two days ago
    [00:47] chinese bitch was nasty too
    [00:47] licked my ass out
    [00:47] all the good stuff
    [00:47] Sure sure.
    [00:47] and best part, she did it just to get stoned
    [00:47] Time to ignore
    [00:47] so you go on doing what u do
    [00:47] I agree
    [00:47] and suck the cock pal
    [00:47] Smuggling heroin in your ass again?
    [00:48] * Danka sets mode: +o speechles
    [00:48] Great
    [00:48] * speechles sets mode: +b fischj*!*@*
    #GBAtemp.net Cannot send to channel
    [00:48] * speechles sets mode: -o speechles
    [00:48] grim feel lucky you arent too
    [00:48] cock gobbler
    [00:49] in fact, that nick is prolly worth investigating
    [00:49] use that nickname anywhere else

    Pretty please?
  2. Grimalkin

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    Jun 9, 2006
    I ignored him before that.
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    Oct 24, 2002
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