Misc I still cannot join (some) frooms in Mario Kart Wii, and I wanna play mogi :sob: (LONG)


Jan 12, 2018
Costa Rica
Alright so I have tried for MONTHS to get this problem sorted out, I simply can't get to the root of it, I now have a 50mbps internet connection, replaced my old crappy modem and bought an ethernet adapter that works with my Wii, I have done all the proper settings (DMZ + Port Forwarding 1024-65535 + DNS as the Wiimmfi page suggested) but I still can't get to connect properly, for instance, I usually get 4-6 connection errors on Worldwides and get DC'd a LOT, I cannot join most people's rooms, which has stopped me from playing Lounge, because I simply don't know when would I be able to play or just make the room wait for a sub (and lose MMR). I know for a fact I can join BradyPatatey's frooms fairly consistently, fixing sync errors after a quick reset, but this apparently only applies to his rooms. Wiimmfi's page may show me lots of Worldwide rooms to join, but my Wii simply won't connect to any and show error 86420 over and over sometimes.
At this point it's not even not being able to play MKW online what has made me go crazy, it's just a game at the end of the day, I have a life, I'm mad at not being able to figure out what causes this for SO LONG, is it DNS settings? is it obscure router settings I don't know about? how come I am able to bring my Wii to my grandma's house and play mogis and WWs perfectly over 10mbps on Wi-Fi with very few to none connection errors? (On the same Modem as my home's internet)

All help is appreciated.

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