I softmodded my wii. I had to erase my SD, and I need to know what files I need.

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    Title character limit, and new to GBATEMP. Hello!

    I softmodded my wii with Homebrew, Riivolution, and Wiiflow (this is everything, I don't even have bootmii. Should I have it?). My SD card got corrupted after a few days of use, and I had to reformat it. It should work fine now, but it was corrupted enough that I couldn't copy the files over to my PC. Now I don't know what I need to put back on it. If someone could tell me what I need back on my SD, I'll do the googling and find the programs. I need to be told everything because I'm a dunce. Thanks!
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    the boot.dol for stuff like wiiflow. the formwarder points to it. it needs to be on the sd card or the usb in the same apps folder. u might want the meta and the icon as well. most files rn't needed though, just the boot.dol for forwarders as long as they're not on the usb.
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