I seem to have run into a bug in Dragonball Xenoverse.

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    I bought DBXV and its Season Pass from PSN during a flash sale some time ago.
    Everything was going smoothly, beat story mode, Z-Ranked the first 14 Parallel Quests, and completed the Training under Krillin, Captain Ginyu, and Cell.

    Here's where my problem is: Tien became my Master, but I didn't battle him and learn Volleyball Fist, now I can't continue the training, because Tien thinks I know the Volleyball Fist, which I don't.

    Is there any way around this problem? And no, my PS3 is a superslim, and therefore unmoddable.
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    I don't know much about the specifics, but I've heard that DBX has a ton of bugs in it. If it really is that the game thinks you've learned the Volleyball Fist when you haven't, you might be able to hack your save (requires no CFW) so that your character knows the move.
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    Yup, you need.to mod your savefile. Same crap on pc, had problem with Vegeta