I screwed up really bad, is my PSP now as good as a brick?

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    Aug 4, 2017
    So I was going to install Infinity on my dad's PSP and I went to flash it, all was good until it booted into the PSP game, it didn't mention anything about it but then again I'm quite a noob, and it was stuck at FIFA 06, the place to get back to the HOME menu was in japanese and no option worked and it was just FIFA 06.
    It didn't mention anything about it in any of the guides and now I think I hardbricked a PSP my dad loved dearly, I'm gonna get it, could you please tell me if it's Bricked for good or if I can buy a Pandora's battery and Magic memory stick and fix it.
    I haven't told my dad yet and he'll flip out on me when he finds out, I feel really heartbroken and I feel like I betrayed my father.
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    If you're booting up a Japanese game, you should know that the X and O buttons are switched which also effects the suspend software menu. In Japan, O is the accept button, X is the cancel button.
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    Sep 19, 2013
    lol.. i don't know what op is saying exactly
    op, what do you think it's a brick? the console doesn't get out of menu? that is not a brick. just turn it off and on again....
    a brick is, your console can't turn ON (not sure if psp shows a boot error thing like the 3ds does..)

    PS: pandora battery only works in the fat models.
  4. lcie nimbus

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    Dec 25, 2015
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    as stated above, in Japanese games, the O and X buttons are reversed, even in the game shutdown menu, simply turn off your PSP completely and turn it on again.