I remix old video game music sometimes

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    Epic thread title, I know.
    About 3 years ago, I got myself a copy of Logic Pro X, and to familiarize myself with its UI, only having used a trial version of FL Studio before, I started remixing/remaking/modernizing music from some older and some more recent games and putting them on SoundCloud for fun:
    I've put links to the in-game versions of the tracks I was remixing into the tracks' descriptions on SoundCloud, so you can listen to both of them and see which version you like best.

    If there are more music-making people here, I'd like to hear what I could do better (apart from not relying on LPX's stock instruments so much) and what tracks you particularly liked, if any. If there are some you absolutely hate, that's fine. As stated in the playlist's description, I won't be putting the folks at OC Remix out of business any time soon. :D

    • Personally, I really liked making my version of Circle of the Moon's "Awake". I played the game as a child (subsequently losing the cartridge) and that melody stuck in my head until about 12 years later, when I picked the game up at a yard sale, not realizing it was that game I'd played as a child. (Later, an update to Logic Pro X would absolutely wreck the track's project file, making further refining it an impossibility. Welp)
    • That one track from Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble! was a challenge to remix, just because there's so much stuff going on in there. It was tricky balancing all the instruments out to stop the final mix from sounding like a cacophony of stuff. Not that the original track doesn't, mind you. Also, it was probably the only memorable track in the whole game. Everything else was just bad MIDI electric guitar patches and someone convulsing on a keyboard.
    • The title screen music from TLoZ: Spirit Tracks is also a favorite of mine, because who doesn't love a good string/pan flute combo? Also, for that one, I tried staying as true to the original as possible, because it was meant more as a straight-up remake than a remix. All the music rips I could find were either recorded from an NDS's headphone port, which is something one should never do, or converted from a 2SF rip with a shit sample rate.
    • (Same with the unused menu track from Metroid: Prime Hunters, where the "remix" is pretty much the original, but in a much higher quality)
    • Last, but not least, there's the Cave music from Kuru Kuru Kururin, which was a great track in an otherwise mediocre game. Kinda disappointing that it has only gotten about 10 plays on SC so far, but then again, there's probably literally only 10 people on this planet who liked that game or its music. :mellow: (Also, check out this bassline. I'm kinda in love with it. Turn the bass up on your amp's equalizer for this, if you have one)
    • My other tracks are IMHO pretty neat, too, but there are no special stories to go with them other than that I liked the originals enough to spend days to weeks in LPX, messing with them.

    Also, if you're a fan of Metal Gear Rising's soundtrack and would like to know why its vocals sound so awesome, check out these acapella tracks I made using the tracks from its official soundtrack CD: https://soundcloud.com/samusaranx/sets/metal-gear-rising-revengeance-acapella-tracks
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