I really want to make a ROM hack but I'm really confused.

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    Ok, so I don't think I can use HANS, let's get that out of the way first. I have Rosalina and I don't think I can use HANS or Braindump with it (but I don't know). Secondly, I want to make a Pokémon Y hack, a simple recolor a one simple form of one simple Pokémon evolution line to start out. I want to make the Blue Flabebe, Floette and Florges, Purple. I have a Pokémon Y .cia file that I dumped and don't know how to get the romFS and exeFS out of it. I also wanted to use the Luma3DS LayeredFS feature since I can't use HANS. How can I do this, I'd really like to make rom hacks and I think this would be a good start. I'm pretty sure this is possible, but if I'm absolutely REQUIRED to have either HANS or Braindump, then please tell me, also please tell me if it is possible to get HANS and or Braindump when using Rosalina (Luma3ds 8.1)
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    I don't think either HANS or Braindump are necessarily required. I'm no expert on ROM hacking (I'm just now dipping my toes into the whole thing.) but I've heard that there are better ways to do this. I used GodMode9 to dump the title and then used HackingTool3ds to extract the files and then you can use LayeredFS to patch your edits.
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