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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Tcj333, May 30, 2010.

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    OK, I'm not as smart as anyone else doing this but please bear with me, so, lemme start from the begining. I was trying to use cheats when playing The Conduit, I downloaded the text file and made a gcf file or whatever and loaded them with Ocarina/Gecko (I used both) like I did for some of my other games. (This was the first time but after that I found this happening to some of my other games) When I loaded it, a message came up saying "Error #002". I tryed a couple more times, and it kept coming up (Except for when I used Gecko, in which the screen turned black and froze). Then I did the most obvious thing, I googled the problem. After a wild goose chase I found a few wad files that were supposed to fix the problem, supposedly something was out-dated and it couldn't read them because they were newer games. I'm pretty sure I did everything right, I got the installer and everything, but I got an error message whenever I tried to open them (there were three). Again, google. I found a post in which the guy there was saying that there was a problem with the IOS or whatever. Then someone else said he fixed the problem by downgrading. Google. And eventually I found it (http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=146735). I followed the instuctions given, but when I reach step 6. I get a screen saying PatchMii IOS Downgrader (or something along those lines). My over all problem (aside from not knowing what the hell I'm doing) is that I left it there forever, then I tried a hard reset, still frozen, reset, and.... it froze again. I've done everything! I went through all the files again, deleted everything and re-downloaded, I must have been fooling around with it for hours. It's not like I NEED the cheats but mostly I want a challenge. Does anyone know WHAT IM DOING WRONG!? I'm sorry for wasting your time but you guys are admitably smarter then I am when it come to this stuff (when looking around I couldn't understand half of the stuff people were saying) so I figured I share the whole thing to see either 1. I'm doing something wrong (or my wii just hates me). 2. Either I or someone else got there facts mixed up and this wont really help me at all. Again, I apoligize for the endless story, but I just want to get my facts strait, I want to learn more about this stuff incase I need it in the future. If you manage to read all of this and have an answer for me I would REALLY apreciate it. I'll end it here because my hand is starting to cramp. Send it to Tcj333@Yahoo.com [​IMG]
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    Did you try the latest Neogamma?, and activate the #002 error fix? I was looking for Neogamma, but can't find a link to the app. Sorry.

    EDIT: Found the link.