i realised i never introduced myself

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by littlestevie, Aug 17, 2008.

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    hi GBAtemp.

    i am littlestevie.... dont accept imitations (and yes there are imitation littlestevies on other forums stopping me from registering my nic *coughnintendoscenecough*)

    a bit about me....

    ok im 19 years old, and most of my working carrer has been in the Video games console modding industry. i cut my teeth on the xbox back in the enigmah days, helped with getting a reliable read/write on hitachi-lg drives mostly behind the scenes, (that was fun haha). i have been a long standing member of team symbiote.

    i recently moved into the DS scene (much better then the psp IMO) around xmas last year.

    i am now semi retired and dont do console hacking anymore (few complaints from microsoft and a C&D later).

    i have been following wii homebrew very closely and i love it. i think its the best discovery for that console....

    my main issue is that the scene has started to stagnate in EVERY console scene and all people seem to care about more then anything is piracy (there are a select few that care about homebrew but not many) i miss xbox style homebrew and the wii seems far off that.

    i will try and give a hand where i can.... and if i come across as flaming sometimes it means its something simple, like if its the first result in google thats annoying, or if you say google is friend and they still say "nope nothing" already happened to me once in my stay here at GBAtemp.

    anything else you wish to know just ask [​IMG]
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    welcome to gbatemp
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    lol you never realised xD

    Oh well. I don't think you need a welcome . I think all I need to say is, nothing xD