i nid help i dont know which flash cart to buy

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    Mar 13, 2008
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    I just bought a nds lite and i dont know which flash cart to buy....uhm im thinking on buying m3 real or a R4ds....uhm can i know how to use wi-fi or opera or nds browser on both? im not sure but am i ryt that for the m3 real i just gota buy the rumble ram pak and im gud ryt? but wid the r4 i still nid to buy somthing which i dont know which i know would cost me because im buying 2 things...but wid the m3 real rumble ram pak itll cost me around 50 ryt? do both flash carts can go on multiplayer....uhm hehehhe and how do u go on to the multiplayer do u still nid wi-fi? uhmm sori for the ignorance but im just realy a newbie...id really appreciate it if u guys help me out...thanks alot!

    additional uhmmm would d m3 real go slower if i use a 4 gig memory card