I need some ifno on firmware updates on a D2C chip

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    My friend is getting a D2C installed today, his Wii firmware is really old, like 2.1E or something.
    So the guy is getting a D2C installed today, but we need to know some stuff about firmware updates for both the D2C and the Wii itself.

    Is it pretty much the same as my Wiikey? Like, you pop ina Mario Galaxy backup for example, it updates to 3.1E and you play no problem? Also what about import games, does freeloader work, the guy wants to play Brawl, which works perfectly fine on my Wiikey modded system with 3.1E+Brawl Update and 1.9g Wiikey firmware, I use the freeloader to play in 60Hz, so what should my friend know about booting NTSC US games on his D2C?

    So, do system updates up to 3.2E affect the D2C somehow and how would we go about updating the D2C if needed?

    Sorry guys, I know I should search the forum, but those old topics are always so full of stuff and are so long that I'd rather just have someone answer the few questions I have than to read all that info which I'm going to forget in like an hour afterwards lol
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    I think you're getting a bit confused here - D2C is the chip in the wii's dvd-rom itself - not a mod chip. Which mod chip is your friend getting installed? If it is a D2Ckey - it can't be updated. If it's a D2Pro or Argon - it needs to be updated using a usb updater and a cable - if it's a wasabi, it can be updated like the wiikey (but there haven't been any updates released yet).

    In terms of system updates - the only thing you need to watch, is out-of-region games with updates. Ie - you say you are running an 'E' firmware - so you're in a PAL region. If you run NTSC galaxy and runs an NTSC update... if you aren't already running a newer PAL firmware, it will fully or partially brick your wii.

    It's good practice to keep your console updated using the wifi connection!
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    I suggest you go to d2ckey.com and look up "d2prog"