I NEED recommendations and help finding the best products and deals

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    I'm moving all this info to my Blog. This post can be deleted, please and thanks.
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    What country are they going to be in, and what EXACTLY are their feelings on copyright.

    That seems to be the only thing you haven't covered. 8, 10, and 12 means you're risking whatever adult will be with them.

    You might not think it matters, it does. They will no doubt be wowing some other kids with their DSs and they might end up raising questions in the so doing.

    Have you visited this site before?
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    I can't help you much, but that sounds like one hell of a gift.

    I'm sure they'll be thrilled.
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    Um...I linked to it 2 or 3 times in my original post...
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    amazon.com to get MicroSDHC cards
    Very good prices on flash memory
    8GB MicroSDHC Card
    you should get an 8GB instead of 6GB if you plan on adding a lot of videos
    if you have 26 episodes that run 24 minutes long and you encode them at a high-ish quality they will come out to ~1.2GB in total
    Movies may turn out about ~250MB

    dealextreme.com to get cases and etc.
    low prices, free but slow shipping

    you can get:
    nice retractable styluses
    Skins (Currently Sold out)
    Crystal Case
    Screen Protector
    (If you want to save some money on the flashcarts you can get and "EDGE" card, it is a clone of the CycloDS Evo and its only ~$33-$43 but it is hard to find)
    and other things
    I also recomend that you get an EZ Flash 3-in-1 Expansion pak so they can play GBA games
    (GBA games require extra RAM to play, so they can't be used with a slot-1 card alone)

    where you can buy flashcarts:
    free shipping (slow)
    low prices
    most cards go out of stock fast

    Shipping is not free
    prices are a tad high
    limited selection

    prices are ok
    stock is ok

    good stock
    fast, cheap shipping
    ok variety

    good stock
    good variety

    mostly sells clones

    pretty good prices
    ok stock

    gameyeeeah if you want good shipping and pretty good prices
    dealextreme if you want low prices and shipping is not important

    you can look at this thread on gbatemp.net to see more

    skins take up very, very little space. about 1MB at the most for a skin

    most flashcarts can do what you want to do, if it has homebrew support it can most likely run it.

    HomeBrew to get:
    MoonShell - videos, music, eBooks/text, pictures (requires videos to be converted to .DPG)
    DSOrganize - music, eBooks/text, pictures

    lameboy - GB GBC
    SnesDS - Snes (number of working games is very limited)
    SnemulDS - Snes (Slightly better than SnesDS)
    jEnesis - Genesis (plays many games + sound support)

    GBA ExpLoader (this is really a loader, you need a slot-2 expansion to use it)

    you can look around Urza's top homebrew thread Here to get some ideas (its from January so some things have been updated)

    There is much more, you can browse the gbatemp.net homebrew section of the download section Here

    as for games only a few of them are any good

    this took a while to make, hope its useful [​IMG]

    if you want to make an (animated) Gif you'll need to find a program that can do so, just search google for "gif animator"
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    Okay, I'm moving this to my Blog section. I didn't know how to use it (or that I had one.)
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