I Need Really Bad Graphics Quality for Portal 2

Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by legofan623, Dec 7, 2012.

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    Hi guys, I just got Portal 2 and I'll admit, i have a piece-a-crap computer. My graphics card is an embedded Intel (82)945G Express Chipset. Yes, i know it sucks. But beyond that, i can play Portal fine with all graphics set to lowest quality. Also, i can play TF2, but with lots of texture packs and texture mods, making the game look like it was made for the N64, buy i dont really care. Im not here to ask HOW to make it look pretty AND run smooth, i want bad, BAD quality textures for Portal 2. Thanks in advance.
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    Dec 31, 2010
    Try changing the launch options to "+sv_cheats 1 +mat_postprocess_enable 0". Then turn all your graphics settings down to the lowest possible and it might work without texture mods. This works for me on an Intel GMA3150 (similar GPU, used in netbooks/embedded Intel Atom's)
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    Sounds like you have TF2 under control which means you're halfway there. Scripting and cfg files are pretty much the same across games using source.

    1) Go to your [Steam install]\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2\cfg\ folder

    2) Make a text file autoexec.cfg. This will run once everytime you start the game.

    3) Edit that file and put in all the same herbs and spices you would otherwise to get the settings below the minimum. For example pick and choose what works from existing cfgs. The dev console should tell you if anything's bogus.

    4) Put this in your autoexec.cfg:

    echo "                _.-(-)-(---._"
    echo "            _.''`  .---.    .-'._"
    echo "          .'        .--.      .--;"
    echo "        /  '      /    \    /    \"
    echo "        |.  '    |  o  |  |  o |"
    echo "        _;_        \    / _ \    /"
    echo "      /,-          '---'  _) '--'-."
    echo "      \._'        /                )"
    echo "        \      -'`;-.________,..-''`"
    echo "          \        `'-._ .--.( (      TOMMY PICKLES"
    echo "          '--.          `""""`_/ "
    echo "            __/  .---------''`"
    echo "        jgs  \__(__"
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    [​IMG]Ok, i tried out your guy's methods. qaz, your method didnt seem to work because all it does is enable cheats and screen. Heran Bago, i made the autoexec.cf2 file form your link and it ran at 25 FPS, which is a miracle to me. Only a few problems, which i screenshotted, are circled on the picture. the red circle is glitching wall, with no switches. i also noticed the lack of proper lighting, but i think thats just my (lack of a) video card. and circled in blue is a transparent wheatly, and so is glados's dead body. is there somthing i can remove from autoexec file to make them come back?

    EDIT: i fixed the transparent models but the portals have no color, just outlines. And then there's the water...

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