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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by Pwetson, Aug 7, 2007.

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    I want to convert/ rip my dvd files to work in the r4. I have the program called Super. I can convert dvd (VOB) or any files to another file. I found Nintendo DS on the list. It means that i can convert other video files into a Nintendo DS file (.dpg). I looked it up and it says it's a .dpg file. Will this work for the r4 ds/ moonshell? here's the info i found on the program. Will this work?

    "Nintendo DS converter
    Convert any input video format to a Nintendo DS file. (.dpg)
    The rendered Nintendo DS files are created using a fully compatible DPG format.
    To copy a DVD (that you legally purchased) into a valid Nintendo DS format, we recommend that you also use the best
    available DVDDecrypter to decrypt the entire DVD and copy the VOB files to your HardDisk in order to encode
    them with SUPER ©. Note that DVDDecrypter is also a Freeware."
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    Yep, that's what Moonshell in the R4 needs for movies....DPG. It should work.
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    or not...

    I just downloaded SUPER © v2007.bld.23 (July 4, 2007) from:
    The claims sound great - but...
    I installed it and tried to play several .dpg files.
    I hear the sound, but I see no picture.

    I played an avi file with picture and sound, full screen and windowed, but I cannot find any controls whatsoever!???
    There is no pause, stop, resume, forward, rewind, goto - nothing except start at the beginning and play until you kill the program?

    Maybe it can encode or decode, but it cannot play a dpg and it is pretty useless as an avi player.
    But, in its defence, I have tried to play several dpg files without having to reboot - unlike dpgshow.

    I hope this works someday! We need an alternative to dpgshow - but this is not it - not yet!

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