I need help with getting the Emojis I want on my device.

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    Okay this is kinda complicated, but I'll try my best to explain. I just bought a samsung galaxy tab A 7.0 white model, running Android 5.1.1. My old tablet was an Asus memo pad me572c, running Android 4.4.2. Here's the problem. I liked my Emojis on my old device more than the ones on my new device. Here is a picture of the Emojis on my old device:


    They came with Gboard. They look like the dots candy. Those are the ones I want. But on my new Samsung Galaxy tab A, they look like this:


    That's also on Gboard. But as you can see, they look completely different. I don't like them. So my question is, is there anyway that I can change the Emojis to the dots candy ones?
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