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    Oct 2, 2007
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    I have a Max Media Dock which uses the patching program Max Overload to patch the games so they run on the MMD. but sadly this program has a problem patching a lot of the new roms coming out because the patcher errors when patching the arm9. it gets errors like "Card Read End Not Found" and "Card Read Error". I've done some experimenting with opening the roms and removing files to try and figure out what was causing the errors but to my surprise none of the files were needed for it to patch the arm9 (I was using Jump Super Stars which patches correctly for these experiments) it seems that the patcher only looks to confirm that there is a data folder and then moves on. which means that the arm9 may not have to be patched at all to work on the MMD since (from what I recall) the arm9 controls how the game plays and the arm7 controls the loading of the game and saving, and since the patcher doesn't even look at any of the actual files it means that all the patcher does is make the rom start-up and save. meaning that if someone could edit the patcher so that it doesn't patch the arm9 and just patches the arm7 most games that owners of the MMD have had difficulties playing could possibly run. which leads me back to the original reason for my post, I was wondering if someone could edit the Max Overload patcher so that it doesn't patch the arm9 and instead only patches the arm7...

    here is the Max Overload patcher: http://www.mediafire.com/?x2xzsyyjuge

    I have been using a hex editor to poke around in it but all I've been able to do is edit text...
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