I need help running EMUNAND games on USB Loader GX 3.0

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by lessthanrobert, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. lessthanrobert

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    Apr 5, 2015
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    So, first off I tried to install Mario Party 2 (PAL) to my EMUNAND in UBS Loader and while installing it froze at 100%, I could still move around my curser and I tried to select cancel but it didn't do anything. So I restarted my wii and there it was, Mario Party 2 was on my homescreen and I loaded it up. When I loaded it it froze on a black screen.
    I have an NTSC-U Wii running system menu 4.3U, I have d2x cIOS 2.2 installed
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    ...It'd be better to use the NTSC version (assuming there is one). If that's not possible, the chances are it didn't install correctly if it froze, even at 100% - remove and try again, or hook your usb up to your computer and install it via showmiiwads
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    What revision of the loader are you using?
    (don't tell 3.0, there are a LOT of different 3.0 revisions).

    Go to settings>Credit page.
    Look at the top.
    if it's 3.0c (with the "C" letter), you have a really old version. (almost 2 years old)
    if it's 3.0 r1180, then the "r1180" is what is important.

    r1180 is the same as the first 3.0 version. (~2 years old)
    you need to report the revision number you see.
    Latest revision is r1244 (released yesterday)

    Some revision of the loader has issue with Wad install feature.
    You should update your loader.
    you will get r1239 (that's good enough, you don't need 1244)

    d2x cIOS 2.2 does not exist.
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