i need help on me r4i ultra

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  1. Ryuu Sama

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    Dec 20, 2009
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    hi all

    ok i have ultra and i update it to work on 1.4 U ok.

    and it work good, i see new v1.55 kernel

    download it to me r4i and i see no Change it is v1.54 kernel in me r4i.

    me bro do not know he download Firmware Version from http://www.r4ultra.com/download.htm or 1.4 u for net he do not lot and Install it on me r4i and it block it.

    the name for file he Install is Flash update For EUR.

    befor i was Install Dobby--s-help-for-r4-ultra.nds and it work good on 1.4U

    so i went to ask u all me r4i is block now in me dsi 1.4U

    do any one try it on dsi 1.3u i do not have 2 ds.

    so it is work or not in Firmware 1.3 or old ds?

    plz i need help to fix it

    and thx lot.