I need help identifying a GBA game

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    Dear community members!

    I would like to find a game that I used to play about 10 years ago but I don't remember its name. It was a game by THQ and I played it on Game Boy Advance.

    I remember the following features of that game: it was a 2D platformer game with a large quantity of locations becoming gradually accessible. Starting the game you select the location to visit using the location map, also you select your character. The character can move on foot, on skateboard (the main mode), on roller skates or jumping on a pogo stick, can also roll over the hand-rail. Life items look like the letter S or Z, something like this. The character can fight against the enemies launching pucks by by a hockey stick. There was a lot of types of enemies: robots (one of them played accordion very funny), monkeys, throwing coconuts from the top of sand castles on one of the first locations, and many others.

    The task is to collect yellow stars. As soon you have enough of them, the door to the next location part on the right opens.

    The language of the game was French. There was a password system allowing to continue the game.

    I rely on the help of the community in finding this game, for it is very valuable to me and wakes nostalgia in me. I kindly ask if anyone knows this game to write its name.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Rocket Power, maybe? That's my best guess.