i need help from someone with homebrew. pokemon sun and moon

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  1. Verdetto

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    Dec 7, 2016
    i generated 24 really really really really strong competitive pokemons with unique combos. and 100% legipt all i ask is help me trading them to my account. he can keep all the 24 pokemons for himself :) in return and trust me those pokemons are worth spending some time trading with me.. took me around 4 hours to find the professional strategys to make them.. so please someone offer his time to help me! i beg for some help :/ so if anyone accept that pm me here or add me on skype A-deoxys2 please! do a good action :& we are neax xmas
    ps. sorry for bad english i am italian
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    Well for one, why would you even be using PKHeX if you don't even have a hacked DS? That said with all due respect, this is not a pokemon forum nor a trading forum. If you were going to use this site it might belong more in the "Game Content/Rom Hacking" sections.

    Anyway, you'd have better luck looking around on Facebook for Pokemon groups to find someone to help you. There are tons. Good luck. :D
  3. Zidapi

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    Zip up your pokes and add them as an attachment. It'll make things easier for both you and the person helping you.

    Right now with the potential to be in different time zones, the situation is like this and could take days.
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