I need help finding a certain japan-exclusive action-rpg game

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  1. or19937

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    May 25, 2017
    Hello people!
    There's this game I used to play on vba, it's an action-rpg game, only in japanese, very similar in style to the summon night swordcraft story series for gba(I mean EXTREMELY similar).

    The game had quite a variety of weapons to use: Sword, Polearm/spear, pistol, chain, and perhaps more that I can't remember.
    As you use a certain kind of weapon you gain more moves for your combo with the weapon. You start with one move.

    You also have the standard leveling up system. It's a very grind-able game.

    Do not suggest games that have been translated to english, I'm almost 100% sure it wasn't translated.
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    I've never played it but could it be Tales of Phantasia? I remember people comparing that game to Summon Night when it first came out... :)