I need a save.

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    Hey I'm trying to make a video of the creepy Phantom Organ glitch in Pokemon Red, but I don't feel like going through all that introduction bs and having to sift through codes to find gameshark codes to make me have all the badges and pokemon with surf and fly and shit..... Plus, I've looked everywhere but can't find even ONE save.

    Anyone have a save for Pokemon Red where the game is completely finished?
    Or, alternatively, a save where you've caught Missingno and have quick access to Saffron City?

    BTW: Phantom Organ glitch is as follows. In Pokemon Red and Blue, catch Missingno. then go to the Saffron City Pokemon Center. Turn on the computer, and if you're playing the game in a GBA, GBC, GBP, or in an emulator that can emulate color, the screen will turn red. The controls will lock up. Then this fricken creepy organ music starts playing out of nowhere. If I get a save to use, I'll post the video of it.
    BTW: If you didn't know, I want to make this video because there are no videos of the Phantom Organ glitch on Youtube. All I have to go on are a few accounts of this glitch, most of which are probably by the same person.