Hacking I made a web tool to read/write PS1 saves on PSP


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Apr 14, 2021
A little while ago I wanted to transfer some saves from my PS1 to my PSP and back again. It ended up being an incredibly confusing process of having to convert files to interim formats, and using one tool to write the PSP file and a different one to read it. And one of the tools only worked on Windows (I have a Mac).

I've been working on a browser-based tool for converting saves files into different formats, and one of the big things I wanted to add from the beginning was for support for reading/writing PS1 saves on PSP because I found it so frustrating.

If you go to https://savefileconverter.com/#/ps1/psp you'll be able to extract the individual PS1 saves from a PSP file, and then you can go to https://savefileconverter.com/#/ps1/emulator to write them to a file that can be read by a PS1 emulator. The same works in reverse.

You can also write the individual PS1 saves to a real PS1 memory card using various methods that are linked from the site.

I also added the ability to read (and write, if you need to) PS1 DexDrive files so you can download PS1 saves from the Internet (to unlock characters or levels, for example): https://savefileconverter.com/#/ps1/dexdrive

Please let me know what you think! I hope it's helpful!
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