I made a NAND backup awhile back, now had to recover, missing games.

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    You're not making this any easier, are you?

    [Extended Guide] Post Sweep for Missed, Straggler Titles and Saves

    24. Using the technique from steps 17 and 18, drag and drop the title folder from your SD card on the Duplicate Cleaner Pro's Search Paths box. Retrieve a 1-to-1 copy of the *.sav files with their retained individual Title ID subfolders. Rename that copied title folder to something like title (derpedo).

    25. Clear the search path and do the same thing in step 24 for the title folder found in the set made in step 4. Rename that copied title folder to title (original).

    26. Clear the search path once more. Drag and drop both title (derpedo) and title (original). Change this Search Criteria parameter to:
    • Find Files With: Same Content
    27. Scan the save files. Your results should only list pairs of the exact same saves. Extract either the derpedo or original set; rename that output folder as title (missed). You should now have a list of missed titles from their individual subfolders.
    • These are the saves that weren't backed up and restored in Checkpoint / JKSM because their titles weren't reinstalled.
    • Since these weren't handled or modified with a save manager, their MD5 hashes should still be the same.
    Edit - Or use @tj18's suggestion. *Psst, this one's easier*.

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    Thanks so much for this helpful post. I don't know if I missed it or something but how do I get my Smash Bros save back? I got an error that you aren't allowed to back up that save, but I didn't see in your guide how to actually get that one working?
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    Without knowing what you did that led you to losing your Super Smash Bros save, I won't know if the guide in this thread is appropriate for your scenario.

    What did you do with your 3DS before and after you lost your save? Did you:
    • restore your SysNAND *.bin image
    • System Transfer
    • Format System Memory
    • drop/broke your system (it no longer works) → all you have left is the SD card.
    • sold or gave away your system → all you have left is the SD card (and maybe some NAND files).
    • something else