I made a chart for the Mii (wii edition) Hexadecimal Data

Mothiieeo Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Mothiieeo

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    Feb 24, 2019
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    I'm not sure how this would be useful, but hopefully it helps someone or is at least interesting. Also please tell me if you know someone else that belongs here or there is something wrong on it
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    Changed the title to add mii to it.

    Anyway I seldom make graphical breakdowns of such things but still nice to see from time to time.

    Though now I have flashbacks to

    Might as well put the second in the series in as well
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  3. Cyan

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    I didn't compare yet, but you can also find it as struct format if you want to make an editor program :
    it's more detailed as it also provides bit field addresses, one byte can hold multiple data.

    I checked the wiibrew struct and your table's color.
    you split elements in 1 byte (8 bits) while it should be 2 bytes (16bits), for example the "birth day" is span over 2 bytes.

    here are the first 2 byte of Mii data:
    00000000 00000000

    isInvalid1 bit (ON/OFF)
    Sex1 bit, 0 MALE, 1 Female
    Month 4 bits (0 to 15)
    Day5 bits (0 to 31)
    FavColor4 bit, 0000 to 1011 (0 - 15, but crashes with values over 11)
    isFavorite1 bit (ON/OFF)

    The "day" value is span over 2 bytes, so your chart is difficult to know where the birthday should be defined.
    you could fix your chart by using the same color for the 2 first bytes, instead of splitting it and saying it's partial in both.

    same for the height bits, etc.
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  4. Mothiieeo

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    Feb 24, 2019
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    Oh, that's interesting. I think I will change the chart to be more specific in spots that hold multiple values or values that span multiple spots sometime. Thank you for the input!

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    Also Carykh is the best
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