I know this is EoF, but I want to talk seriously for a moment about bullying


Sep 30, 2017
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I'm actually serious here, and that's very rare for me.

I haven't been posting here much lately, but some of you remember me as the guy who eternally has under 10 posts (which is the minimum required to be activated as a "full member" of the forum -- I used to have 10, but one of them got deleted as spam, haha), because I'm a weirdo and a goofball and I think it's funny to only have 9 posts, so I only post here in the EoF, which doesn't increase my post count.

I speak to you, my fellow weirdos, goofballs, outcasts, social rejects, and misfits of the Edge of the Forum (and to whatever "normal" people hang around here for some strange reason...).

Just because we are different, that does not mean we should tolerate being treated as lesser people.
Call out those who abuse their authority and talk down to you, even though there's nothing else you can do, since they hold the power.
No, that doesn't mean you start attacking them -- but you have the right to stand up for yourself, and speak the truth, even if they shout you down.

Yeah, this was motivated by something that happened to me, but I only took the step of speaking publicly about it after I saw the same people engaging in poor behavior toward other people as well.

Oh, if you want the full details (and you really maybe don't, due to the length...) I made a blog post about it... but it's really, really, really long....


People ask for a TL;DR version, but that's a bit difficult.
I guess it's just this: some of the WiiHacks mods and leadership are immature bullies, who are arrogant and refuse to follow their own anti-bullying rules, and are condescending and dismissive of Wii Homebrew and developers (of which I am a minor one -- probably my most-known app is https://wiibrew.org/wiki/Visual_Controller_Test ).

That is all.

I post this here in the EoF because, well, it's the best place for a weirdo like me.

If you want to reply with something funny, that's fine -- jokes are cool, and this is still the EoF... but I'm sure we've all experienced something similar to this.
Just not everyone writes a novel about it ;)

I now return you to your regularly-scheduled insanity.
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