I just got a OTA update for the motorola photon

Discussion in 'Android' started by air2004, Jul 24, 2012.

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    I received an update for my photon today from sprint . The camera now shoots in 1080p which is nice but it also came with some crapware like google+ , google messenger and a few other thinjgs I cant think of right now.
    Anyway , the point of this post is , after the update I lost some root access , by that I mean root checker , was saying it only had partial root or something to that effect. I was able to get root back , by following this little tutorial.
    I know how people feel about copying and pasting someone else's work , so I will only share the link here , or I could copy and paste the instructions if you all really want me to.

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    You can freeze or uninstall bloatware apps/processes with Gemini App Manager but be careful because you can really screw up your device when removing some things that shouldn't be crucial but your device disagrees.

    How to
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