I just bought a Blaster 360

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    I just splurged and bought a Blaster 360 NE now that the new version of Xbox Backup Creator is out and lets me backup games from the 360's drive itself, but before it arrives, I have a few questions. Firstly, I plan on spoofing a BenQ to Hitachi, swap out drives, and back up my games with a BenQ. Even though it's spoofed to a Hitachi and as of now Hitachi doesn't support dumping, it'll still work, right? I assume it would, since technically it's still on 1.6 firmware, but it's good to ask anyways.

    Next, I'm sort of confused about the power supply thing. I know on one version you had to connect it to a molex power supply, and on one version it powers itself via the Xbox power supply. Which one am I getting? I can't seem to figure out which version is which. I know I got the next edition one, but since there's no FAQ for it I can't really tell. It's important because if I need a molex cable I need to buy a splitter somewhere before it gets here.

    Next, I have a quick question about the switches. When both of the switches are turned to Xbox 360, is the only difference between the Blaster being on and off the LED lighting on the front, or does the Blaster do something else when it's happening?

    Lastly, even though it's a bit off topic, how long does it usually take you to back up a game? I'm just curious.

    Thanks for all your help in advance [​IMG].