I have trouble recording sound on my 3DS

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    Aug 9, 2018
    Hi, I watched a bunch of tutorials on YouTube regarding this matter but it does not seem to work for me.
    I'm trying to record gameplay of my 3DS. The video part is ok, but I have trouble recording audio on my computer.

    When I plug the cables I have no external microphones appearing on Windows.
    It mixes the sound of the mic of my computer and the audio of the 3DS, which is disgusting... :(

    Here's what I have when I go to properties:

    If I go to the default mic, and click "listen" I have a mix of the audio of the 3DS and the audio of the default microphone of my computer (which records the sound of my mouse, my keyboards, me drinking water, me caughing... with a poor quality).

    Can someone tell me what I did wrong?

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