I have the best little brother ever.

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    (1:00:18 AM) bret: Ok, so I went in to donate blood today, and I decided today instead of giving them just a pint of straight up blood, I would give double red blood cells. Pretty much instead of taking all the blood, they take my blood, separate the plasma from the red blood cells, and put the plasma back in my body. So the lady was all like "don't move. At all. Ever. Period." So being me, during the end of it when it was putting the last portion of plasma back into me I guess I moved a little, and I started to feel this terrible pain in my arm where the needle was. It was like a thousand needles were stabbing into where the needle was, it hurt a lot... So I was all like "Nurse... this hurts...." So she took this like washrag off my arm that was covering where the needle was in my arm. When she uncovered it there was this like, 2 inch tall, 3 inch in diameter bump on my arm. I was like "...... ho-lee fuck." The lady was all like "Oh yeah, you moved, so the needle came out of your vein and all the plasma went under your skin." So I was like =-O "Woah! That's awesome!" So she proceeded to push on the lump and the plasma started squirting out of my arm. I was like mother fucking spider-man. Except plasma instead of webs, and it was coming from my elbow joint. She even let me push on it once to squirt stuff out. Happiest moment of my life.
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    Question: How does this story have anything to do with your little brother?

    Edit: Oh, Bret is your brother fail on my part.
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    I wish I had a little brother... Or any siblings at all [​IMG]
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    Hardcore little brother if you ask me
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    Is this the same one you go to the bathroom together?

    edit: also reading that made me feel sick.
    never giving blood.