I have some questions regarding Brawl textures hacks and other

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    1. I still do not have the txt codes>RBSE01.txt. Can somebody please link it to me? I need it as a backup. Just that

    2. I am given this text thing just called RBSE01 which has the codes in it. Are those ALL of the brawl+ codes and do I already have added if I already used the updatifier? Or do i need to all those all. On brawl+.net it is listed under downloads section and the very bottom link "direct to text". I am unsure of which codes I still have to put in. I updated the most recent version of brawl+ just last week. And where do I store this "RBSE01" text document?

    3. Do I need to add the long Phantom Wings code into my code manager if I already used the recent updatifier?

    4. Brawl+ oviously did not come with all of the caharacter and stage hacks. Can someone please link me to a site for all brawl hacks downloads? Brawl+ only gave me 16 stage hacks and based on the link that someone gave me to here there are about 50 stage hacks. Or more. I am so stuck on which codes I have yet to include.