I have question about hacked Wii and gamecube

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    sorry bad english

    not sure If this is correct forum to ask it. I am sorry.

    I cannot find answer in google, to say the truth I became more confuse in the search, maybe I am not using right words in the search.

    I hope someone can help me, I have very few money and I have fear of to buy something that I regret afterwards.


    1- a hacked Wii compatible with gamecube that can play pirated wii games can still play original wii games and original gamecube games ? I see in google someone saying that a hacked wii can play only wii games cannot play anymore gamecube games, even original genuine gamecube games. this is true ?

    2- a original gamecube memory card is a fortune here in Brazil, but a non original is cheap, but, is reliable ? In google some people say that this do not matter and others say that the save data is corrupted all the time in a non original gamecube. Here in Brazil have 2 options, which one is more reliable ?

    R$ 29,90

    R$ 35,00

    3- I can run a non original gamecube controller in a hacked wii, or a wii can run only original gamecube controller ? original is SO EXPENSIVE ! You guys think that this one is a good contoller below ? is so cheap !


    4- in a Hacked wii we can play only backups of wii games, or we can play backups in gamecube mode too of gamecube backups ? Have any restrictions or some game not compatible ?

    5- which loader or software or hack ( I not know correct name ) I need to install in my wii to play wii backups and gamecube backups ? I see some sites and have so much options of loaders and hacks, I do not know which to choose. I want the more reliable and easy to use.

    Thank you very much for reading all of it.
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    1 - Unless your Wii its this model then it can play both Wii and Gamecube games, genuine and or hacked
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    2 - I bought two non original gamecube memory cards and so far I haven't got corrupted data, be sure to read the reviews, if you buy a good gamecube memory card you won't expect data corruption

    3 - You can use 3rd party Gamecube controllers (non original controllers) on your Wii, however 3rd party Gamecube controllers suck so much (from personal experience) I rather waste a little bit more and get an original one, anyways both work great.

    4 - A hacked Wii can play both Wii games and Gamecube games (yes in Gamecube mode) ONLY if your model isn't the first pic I posted to your first question, otherwise it can only play Wii games.

    5 - If your Wii is hacked you can just install DIOS MIOS for Gamecube and USB Loader GX, Wiiflow, CFG USB Loader and more to load both Wii and Gamecube games, keep in mind DIOS MIOS ONLY ALLOWS the Wii to play Gamecube games from USB, it doesn't load them, in order to load Gamecube games use USB Loader, Wiiflow or CFG USB Loader (I use USB Loader GX)
    If your Wii isn't hacked then just hack it using Letterbomb and be sure to follow this guide
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    Thank you very much,Yepi69 :yay:
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