I have no idea.

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    Jul 10, 2009
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    just so you know i hack 360, psp and hard modded wiis, this is my first attempt at softmodding,
    1) updated to 4.0
    2) i folowed tut on you tube The Ultimate Wii Hacking Guide (Softmii 3.0) For 4.0! 1/3
    3) i did every step , I chose to do custom IOS Installer (v36 rev 10)
    4) at the end on video 2/3 he puts in disk and it loads , i dont get anything , i get a big question mark , I updated to neogamma r6 and it cant read backups. this is a under lu64 wii . am I missing something ? I tried couple different backups that work on my hard modded wii , but some mod cant play um , with all this modding all I wanted was play backups . please help thanks