I have given up on GFaqs so I'm asking you guys for help

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Supa_S, Oct 21, 2008.

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    I have asked twice on gamefaqs but it seems that everyone there is busy insulting each other and correcting grammar so please I just have some quick questions that I would like answered:

    I wanna get rid of the 80 GB HDD and get 160GB instead. Keep in mind that I'm probably not as tech savvy as the rest of you so please be patient and please let me know if I'm missing any information because I seriously don't wanna screw up my PS3. Here goes; these are the things I'm gonna need:

    - SATA 2.5" Laptop HDD (5400 rpm)
    - 1 mini phillips head screwdriver
    - 1 mini flathead screwdriver


    - If I've got an external HDD (which I do) I can just create a back up of my HDD. I just need someone to confirm something, will it create a back up of save data, themes and games/demos that were downloaded from the PSN store? Or will it just be back up of save data only?

    - Also, which format should the external HDD be for the PS3 to read it? FAT32?

    - If I create a back up of everything on an external HDD, all I need to do is go to system settings > restore and everything will be restored onto the new HDD corrrect?

    Is there anything else I need to know? All this backing up/restoring settings stuff is making me uncomfortable so I'm worried that I might miss a step and screw up

    Thank you so much in advance
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    F**** gamefaq.

    here is a tutorial that will help you with upgrading ur ps3's hdd

    1. the HHD that u bought is all right it will work with a ps3.
    2. im sure it will create a backup of ur save data but im not sure about demos and themes/games.
    3. ps3 will recognise only Fat32 external HDD.
    4.yes, everything will get restored.

    i will be upgrading my HHD on saturday, my 40gb is out of space (there is only 600mb left) [​IMG]