I have done...the unforgivable

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  1. serco16

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    Sep 20, 2007
    Oooh...i feel dirty...so dirty... (don't think pr0n kids! [​IMG] )
    I just woke up. I'm soaking wet (not there, u pervs!). I had a nightmare. I look around with red, fiery eyes. I can't remember what I was looking for in the dream. Oh...wait, fragments come back. Something white-ish...clam? no...clamshell, yes!. My years just popped, I think my body is booting up. *Serenity...* A stupid song just started playing from a neighbours room. YES!! I can remember! Flashing thing, joy bringer of every kid on teh planet! With it's short stylus that touches your fun nerve every time you use it.... A hat, a red hat...mushrooms??! I'm geting dizzy again. Could it be the mushroom i served last night? Nah!
    No, wait! It's mario! Last image on the screens, imprinted in my mind. But why?
    Ok, enough of this! *slap* *slap*. *Colors of in the room come to life*. Much better... But hey, why was I so scared when I woke up? I still can't remember. Guess I should just check my preciousssss. *Something dark makes roots in my brain*. I feel something terrible has happened. Let me check the desk. No, nothing there, except the mountain of papers...the chair! It must be there!.........it's not! Okay, last place, the table near my bed!
    *Waves of pain and sorrow pour through my veins* I remember...I remember it all...it....it is gone...not stolen, but given, by my own two hands.
    But betrayal was for a price... a high price, painted with the blood of previous traitors. It is called the psp. I gave my nds for that...thing.
    Oooooh...ooooh teh horror...I can't beleive it! But...no, it can't be! I...I love it. So shiny...piano black...ooh what have I done...

    Main fact based on real event, spoken out of a beer stuffed human mouth. Mine!
    Excuse my english (and rather weird topic), I'm from Mars.
  2. Sinkhead

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    Nov 22, 2006
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    That's freaky [​IMG] So you got a PSP, right?
  3. moozxy

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    Jul 22, 2007
    Did you wet the bed?
  4. The Worst

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    Feb 8, 2005
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    do mars PSP work on PAL
  5. mastermanna123

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    Jan 17, 2008
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    Under your bed.
    put ur mars psp on cfw. [​IMG]
    and run the homebrew u can get on it! idk wats good on mars but im gessing Empire Mars III, Hello Mars, Marsbound [​IMG]
  6. serco16

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    Sep 20, 2007
    Are you crazy?? Do you know how much beers costs around these parts?
    Marsbound is in fact no 1 on galacticspot.mylkyway. On the ds that is [​IMG]