I have a theory to play new firmware games on lower firmwares

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    Hi just got a vita at 3.18 from gamestop like 3 weeks ago and have all the bell and whistles installed and I have been with the ps3 hacking seen since the first calculator jailbreak for ps3 my ps3 is 4.76 cobra my point is to ask if this might work before I take hours of my time so this is it first can you tell me if ps vita packages have parm.sfo files kind of like ps3 games I think we should be able to edit them ..to lower firmwares with a toll called parm.sfo editor it is a ps3 tool I think not to sure if it works on vita...I also know we cant write to the vita yet! like the game files thru ftp but If there is a way to install a moded lower firmware game package maybe this can be done using pkg instaler on 3.18 vita but might be able to put the modded parm.sfo into the bubble game file on the modded ps3 thru ftp or multiman then of coarse transfer the game to vita and play equals profit so if anyone want to look into this maybe we can keep this thread going I did this on ps3 games while staying at 3.55 cfw oh I forgot we can tranfer the games with content manager also after we edit the parm.sfo
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    Firmware version in PARAM.SFO is purely informational, real minimum firmware version is stored in encrypted and signed EBOOT.BIN executable.
    This won't work without Vita kernel exploit.