I have a search skills challenge for everyone

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    So a while back (I'd say 3 months, give or take?) I found one of the many nonsensical/bizarre photos on shutter stock which crack me up for no real reason.

    This picture was of a white person's hand grasping a really oversized lemon (may have been some other fruit, but it looks like a huge lemon lol)

    It was definitely, definitely on shutter stock. Unfortunately I can't find it again as much as I'd love to. All that remains of it is some crappy screenshot I took of it a while back, attached for your reference (as you can see the shutterstock watermark is clearly there.)

    Yes I did try a reverse image search and that didn't work. First person to find the original image on shutter stock wins! Wins what, you might ask?

    The answer to that is my respect. Honour points. Or anything of non commercial value of your choice that I can provide :lol:

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    I forgot
    It's entirely possible the image was removed from Shutterstock. I found dozens of visually similar images (a white hand holding various fruits in the same way), but can't find this particular one. I went through about 1.5k on Dreamstime, and another couple hundred on Shutterstock, but found nothing. The absolute closet I could find is this: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-792...ng-pomelo.html?src=Fc2DzES-EvB76Lk5Zf7z2w-1-4 but it's obviously not the exact image. I even went and checked the profiles of other visually similar images, and nothing. I can only assume this particular image was never used on shutterstock, and ended up being removed for some reason.

    Though this was just with a quick 5 minute search, I imagine it might still be found if someone took the time to do it.
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    I found this but it's not identical
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