I have a question about resolution.

Discussion in 'GBAtemp Art Studio' started by azoreseuropa, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. azoreseuropa

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    My anime is 256x192 and other anime is 256x171.

    I want to increase 256x171 to 256x192 but I cannot because I tried and 171 wont go to 192. Is there a program can let me do that at the end ? Thanks.

    EDIT: Sorry about my english. [​IMG]
  2. blade85

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    is this a picture or is it some kind of a movie?

    If it is a picture and you try to change it in photoshop, you cant, the height changes proportionatly according to the width

    If it is a movie, then i have no idea, sorry
  3. Kyoji

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    Just uncheck "constrain to proportions" when changing the size under the "Image size" dialogue
  4. blade85

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    Feb 22, 2007
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    oh well lol -.-

    Do that then, assuming you have photoshop
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    171 is an odd size (they tend to be multiple of 4).

    You have two options: add borders or normal resize (you could mix the options as well).

    Resize poses a problem in that you will either end up with a stretched image or you can crop the image and resize (letterboxing).

    You have many options, if you just want a on the fly version ffdshow has the option. If you want to reencode my favourite methods are avisynth: http://avisynth.org/ or virtual dub: http://www.virtualdub.org/ , for vdub hit video full processing mode. Then hit video -> filters -> add and choose resize, for upscaling I suggest lanczos3, for avisynth I also suggest lanczos or if find it sharpens too must go to bilinear or bicubic. I will make a demo script if you want as well.