I have a Pokemon-related problem. Could someone help me?

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    Feb 3, 2010
    Hello guys. I am BigPlayer and i have a little problem that is related with my pokemon games. You see, i have a NDS Lite as well as the cyclods evolution and the ezflash 3in1. I played Pokemon Platinum and i have the national pokedex and i also took out the Elite Four. I am now trying with the GBAExploader to migrate my pokemon from Emerald (which i also beaten) to Platinum but i am unable to get the migrate option on Platinum even though i am able to get it on Diamond. Since i can't do it with the tools mentionned above, i am trying to do it with emulation. I tried the No$GBA emulator but it does not read .SAV files and i am unable to convert my .SAV to into .SNA (which is the save format of No%GBA).

    Could someone help me with this somehow? I really want to get my pokemon from Emerald into Platinum!

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