I have a genuine Acekard 2i and a clone, can anything be done about the clone?

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    In the light of NTRBoot for the 3DS I started messing with my Acekards and wondered if there's any way to ensure that my clone either works as a normal Acekard with AKAIO or can be used for NTR Boot but first let me outline the situation:

    My genuine Acekard 2i shows up as Deep Labyrinth on both my DS Lite and my CFW new 3DS and works no problem aside from contact issues here and there. The clone shows up as Acekard 2i on my DS Lite and as Alex Rider Stormbreaker on my CFW 3DS which I found a bit odd. AKAIO boots on the clone but shows me an "Clone 5" error and won't let me proceed.

    I thought maybe I could resolve the issue by trying to update the clones internal FW and booted the Acekard Updater on my DS Lite with the genuine Acekard, then I tried to swap over to the clone and pressed START however that resulted in a "Card Error. Try to insert it again." message. Is there anything that I can do here or is the clone simply useless for me?

    Thanks for help in advance :)
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    try ysmenu or the like. homebrew menus usually work on the clones and are better
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    You could try to dump you original AK2i and write it to your clone.
    At least @Some1CP managed to do it successfully: https://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-...a-legit-acekard-2i-using-a-hacked-3ds.473764/

    My suggestion is, that you try the following (at your own risk, requires a hacked 3DS):
    Put the newly released NTRBoot flasher (https://github.com/kitling/ntrboot_flasher/releases) on your hacked 3DS.
    Use it to dump your original AK2i firmware and write it to your clone (writing takes some time).

    @Some1CP used Decrypt9 but I had issues writing my backup back to the cart with it. Also pay attention to you HW version. If your carts have different versions you could try to find a dump on the internet which you can flash to your clone.
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