I have a defective rear touch pad on my psp vita 2000 new slim model

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  1. raghavsood999

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    Aug 28, 2014
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    Hello, i am having problems with my NEW psp vita slim 2000 model. The rear touch pad does not function at all.

    I have tried using it with (spin the world - that app called: welcome park) and the web browser that comes with the vita operating system and DJMAX as well. Nothing works for me.

    Something is wrong with my NEW psp touch pad at the back. I dont want to send for repair right now and is still under warranty. What do i do?

    Any ways i can help myself?
    I have tried all troubleshooting tips on sony's website but none of them are helpfull.
    I have downloaded many apps that work with touchpad but thats no help and i have also cleaned it with a soft dry cloth.
    I have used the tip of my finger nail to gently touch the pad.
  2. marcus134

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    May 7, 2011
    Are you within the time limit to exchange it in store?

    cause otherwise you got 2 choice:
    1. send it to sony for repairs
    2. don't send it to sony and live with a broken vita
  3. Arizato

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    Your Vita should still be covered by the warranty. Bring it back to the store for a replacement.
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