I have a couple of questions?? about vita

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    I have a vita at 3.18 and I saw tekken 2 on sale on psn for $2.00 does this game still work for the ps1 exploit? and the other question is are the emulators for the native ps vita exploit more powerfull in terms of gameplay I meant on revonate hack, and since im on 3.18 can I use the revonate hack Im already on the patapon 2 exploit and as kind of a dev Ive been looking at the pool hall pro 3.52 exploit on 3.18.

    Also I have a hacked ps3 as a dev im going to try to look at ps vita games parm.sfo thru ftp or on ps3 to see if i can change or tell the sfo to play any game example 3.52 to play on 3.18!
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    as far as I know the teken2 loader will work but don't quote me.... as long as you are on v3.18. now since being on 3.18 you cant purchase the game on the vita. this would require a ps3 if you could download it on there and then transfer it to your vita.

    Idk the exact method I downloaded patapon 2 and teKen 2 when I was still able to access the psn.

    something along the lines of CMA/QCMA?

    and you can install psdev for unity and also install rejuvenate. although I haven't installed rejuvenate yet so I can't help you there sorry.

    edit: rejuvenate requires psm dev to be installed before running rejuvenate Idk if having psmdev for unity allows rejuvenate haven't looked into much but as for as I read PSM dev had to be installed prior to wanting to run rejuvenate if you missed out you may be sol. but again don't quote me haven't searched very long. just a quick glance.
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