I have 2 idea for dumping .wud but i can test.

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  1. manpaint

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    Aug 20, 2014
    The first one is dumping wii u game with window disk drive, you can dump some wii iso with a specifict drive.

    The last is dumping via a vwii wifi dumper homebrew, because the homebrew dont have reconized my ssbb disc but he always dumping (i can test because my old wiimote is broken)

    Any idea if it could work?
  2. driverdis

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    Sep 21, 2011
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    The first one won't work. It probably would have had Nintendo stuck with DVDs for their Wii U games, as you could have probably dumped them with Rawdump and a compatible drive.
    The only hope for that would be if someone found a Blu-ray drive that could dump games raw with a modded version of Rawdump.

    Second, I think any commands to read Blu-ray discs (what the Wii U uses for Wii U game discs) are disabled when the Wii U is in vWii mode. this prevents dumping any Wii U games that way.